Adopted by The Yeadon Public Library Board of Trustees on November 20, 2003 The Yeadon Public Library is a public facility, offering both Yeadon residents and non-residents facilities and services subject to policies as adopted by the Library’s Board of Trustees. The purpose of the code of conduct is to clarify and delineate acceptable behavior.
Library users are expected to show proper respect for other library users and staff members, as well as for library materials, resources, and facilities. Library users are expected to adhere to all library rules, procedures, and policies including computer use policies.
Library staff members are responsible for enforcing the code of conduct. Library users failing to comply with rules and procedures of the library will be asked by library staff to modify their behavior and/or asked to leave the library. If a library user fails to follow the directive of library staff, library staff is instructed to call the police. In cases of repeated or serious offenses library staff may impose other restrictions including suspension from the library and/or library privileges.


The following are prohibited at the Library:

  • No food (includes chewing gum) or drink in public areas of the library*
  • Smoking
  • Loitering , i.e., sitting or standing idly about, gambling, card playing, games, or physical recreation activities on library premises
  • Weapons of any kind (on library premises)
  • Use of cell phones inside the library. Cell phones must be turned off or switched to vibrate mode.
  • Disruptive conduct. Includes but not limited to:
    • Abusive language or cursing
    • Physical violence or threat of violence
    • Shouting and screaming, etc.
    • Vandalizing library property or facilities
    • Bullying, fighting, roughhousing or bothering other patrons
    • Excessive noise, i.e., loud talking, shouting
    • Playing of electronic or battery-operated devices (radios, tape recorders, cassettes, CD players, etc.) without the use of earphones set for the listener only.
  • Use of library facilities for bathing or washing of clothes or hair
  • Personal hygiene so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to others
  • Animals other than service animals
  • Theft of either library materials, library property or personal property of others
  • Distribution of materials to either staff or library users without prior approval of library staff
  • Soliciting of sex, money or other favors
  • Bare feet or shirtless

* Exceptions are allowed as designated for a specific library program.
Oversized bags, briefcases, and all articles that could be used to conceal library property are subject to inspection by library staff. Library staff may request a library user to leave bags, briefcases, etc, at the circulation desk while the library user is in the library.
Open food /drink containers are not permitted in the library.
Toys, large sports or recreational items are not allowed inside the library, its atriums or entrances and exits.
In cases where there is violence or threat of violence, police will be called to escort the patron/s from the library.


Children are expected to adhere to the Yeadon Public Library Code of Conduct.

It is reasonable to expect that at times, when groups of children are gathered, the noise level may raise some. However, this does not negate the fact that they are in a public library, where being loud and displaying disruptive behavior which prevents others from enjoying the library, is not tolerated.

Children will be expected to display appropriate behavior conducive to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the building for all patrons

Appropriate Behavior Includes:

  1. Doing homework, writing, research, studying.
  2. Browsing, reading.
  3. Using the computers within the time limits set

Books removed from the shelf for the purpose of reading in the library only, should be returned to the closest book drop or cart for re-shelving.
When school is in session, children enrolled in school are to be at school and not permitted in the library unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian or sent by the school teacher for a specific project. This policy applies to suspended children. (added Sept 2004)


Adopted by The Yeadon Public Library Board of Trustees, November 20, 2003

  1. No child under the age of 7 may be left unattended in the Yeadon Public Library. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver at all times, including while they are in the children’s area and visiting the lavatories.
  2. Children aged 7 and up may be left unattended, at the discretion of the parent or responsible caregiver.
    1. Children may be left alone to research an assignment, complete a homework task, attend a library program or to select books and read in the library.
    2. Library staff cannot be responsible for the safety or well being of children left unattended.
    3. Even in their absence, parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct of their child/ren.
    4. Children will be expected to display appropriate behavior conducive to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the building for all patrons.
    5. Both parents and children should be aware that the library cannot be used as an alternative to afterschool care, and that the library does not provide supervision to children left unattended. If the adult feels it is unsafe for the child to leave the building without adult supervision, the child should not be in the library unattended.
    6. Children who are not using the library appropriately or who require excessive staff attention will have a parent or guardian called to pick them up immediately. If a child is asked to leave the library, they will not be allowed to come back to the library without adult supervision until a parent or guardian has talked with the library director and/or youth services librarian and the parent and child have signed and returned a copy of the library’s Code of Conduct Policy.
    7. Children left unattended should know how to reach a parent or guardian, and parents should be aware of the closing time of the library.
  3. Parents/caregivers and children should be aware that use of the library phones is for true emergencies only. (i.e.: illness, injuries). a) Parents/caregivers should be aware that staff members cannot be responsible for tracking any child in the library and are not able to divulge the whereabouts of any child.
  4. Parents/caregivers should have a back up plan in place in the event that their child(ren) is asked to leave the library premises.
  5. Parents/caregivers and children should be aware that the outside library grounds may not be used as a substitute playground or hangout. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the police being called for assistance.
  6. Children must leave the library at closing time.
    1. Children left to wait outside for a ride after the library closes are placed in a vulnerable position. Staff cannot be responsible for the safety of a child once the library has closed. However, staff will attempt to contact a parent or guardian.
    2. For his or her own safety, any child left unattended after closing will not be left to wait outside the building. If after 20 minutes, staff is unable to contact a parent/caregiver, the Yeadon Police will be asked to pick up the child(ren) so that they may try to locate a parent/caregiver.
    3. Under no circumstances will a member of the library staff take a child away from the building or transport children to another location.

Parents or guardians who have a grievance with the public library, may inform the Library Director or Youth Services Librarian in writing within 30 days of the occurrence. The letter is to be addressed to the Director or Youth Services Librarian, Yeadon Public Library, 809 Longacre Blvd, Yeadon, PA 19050.


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